Loan Simulation: How and Why to Make One?

Do you know that doubt that insists on disrupting the budget? And for whatever effort or savings can you afford to pay? The personal loan may be one of the alternatives to solve the situation. It can also be used to speed up buying your own home or dream car.

How about undertaking with the help of this money?

money loan

With the internet increasingly becoming the protagonist of everyday life and technology companies increasing their share in the economy, borrowing money goes far beyond sitting in front of the bank manager and placing the order (#ThankGod) That leaves products, payment terms, and even ways I do that. For example, without leaving home and with a few ringtones on the phone, simple as that.

The personal loan involves money that is not yours and should be repaid with interest.

personal loan

So, before deciding nothing is more certain than doing the calculations and comparing the offers. You can get an exact notion of the final amount you will pay.

Want proof that GuiaBimbão can also help with the credit? By having access to the history of how he makes, spends and saves money, the app can customize the interest rate and indicate the most suitable financial institution for him. As a result, the interest rate on the loan (the unsecured credit) is very close to or nearly the same as the companies that include real estate or collateral vehicle in the contract. Let’s try it ??

What is a loan simulation?

loan simulation

Simulate take a test, a projection. In the case of loans, find out how much it will be paid every month, how long and how long it will be done. The exercise also helps to see if there are any additional fees, if interest may increase during the combined period and what the final value of all this will be.

Personal loans can be made with or without collateral. In the first case, the values ​​are usually higher, the rates are lower (after all, guaranteed) and the payment terms are longer. But, the company requires that you put the property or car as a kind of consideration in case of non-payment (the famous default). For many people this is not even an option for not owning these assets.

In the other situation, the processes are faster because they do not require so much. Just a credit check that checks the payment history, current finances, and whether or not the person’s name is negative. Just inform the CPF, provide proof of residency, income and employment and provide a bank account for the money to be released.